BEEF001 CAB Brisket 6-8kgs/pc

BEEF005 CAB Rib Eye Frozen 6-8kg/pc

BEEF009 CAB Hanging Tender 1kg/pc

BEEF011 Beef Shortplate Bone-less (US) 8kg/pc

BEEF022 CAB Rib Eye Chilled 6-7.5kg/pc

BEEF023 CAB Tenderloin 189A Chilled 2-3kg/c

BEEF028 CAB Chuck Bistro Fillet 850g/pc

BEEF031 Beef Striploin Prem Kobe-Style (US) 5-kg/pc

BEEF035P CAB T-Bone Steak 14oz

BEEF036P CAB Porterhouse Steak 12oz

BEEF037 CAB Rib Bone-in 8kg/pc

BEEF038 CAB Shortrib Bone-in 8kg/pc

BEEF039 CAB Shortloin Bone-in 10kg/pc

BEEF042P CAB Rib Eye Roll Steak 18oz

BEEF043P CAB Rib Eye Steak 12oz

BEEF056 CAB Prime Striploin Frozen

BEEF062 Beef Rib Eye Amer Kobe (US)

BEEF110 CAB Flank Steak 5kgs/pc

BEEF126 Beef Tongue (US) 16.19kg/box

BEEF404 CAB Top Sirloin 5-6kgs/pc

BEEF423 CAB Top Blade 2.2kgs/pc

BEEF435 CAB Shortrib Bone-less 1kg

BEEF440 CAB Chuck Roll 6kgs/pc

BEEF506 Mulwarra Cube Roll/Rib Eye 3kgs/pc

BEEF508 Mulwarra Striploin 4kgs/pc

BEEF509 Mulwarra Tenderloin 2kgs/pc


GAME005 Quail 180-200g (Aust)

PLTY003 Duck Breast (Rougie) 250-450g

PLTY004 Duck Liver Whole (Rougie) 500-800g/pc

PLTY005 Duckling (US) 2-2.5kg/pc

PLTY009 Turkey Breast Boneless (Norbest) 3-4kg/pc

PLTY011 Turkey Breast Hickory Smoked 4kgs/pc

PLTY039 Duck Frozen Slices Foie Gras 140g

PLTY432 Turkey Whole (US) 5kgs/pc

PLTY437 Duck Liver Sliced 50g/20

PLTY456 Duck Legs to Cook in Fat 300-350g/pc


LAMB008 Lamb Ribs Bone-in 1.5kgs/pc

LAMB014 Lamb Rack Frenched 1kg/pc

LAMB015 Lamb Shoulder Bone-in 1.5kgs/pc

LAMB016 Lamb Leg Bone-in 2.2kgs/pc

LAMB018 Lamb Rack Standard 1kg/pc

LAMB020 Lamb Leg Boneless 2kgs/pc

LAMB021 Lamb Loin Boneless 900g/pc

LAMB024 Lamb Shanks Bone-in 1.9kgs/pc

LAMB035 Lamb Rump 1kg/pc

LAMB052 Lamb Shoulder Boneless 1.8kgs/pc

LAMB064 Lamb Liver 500g/pc

LAMB065 Lamb Shortloin 1.4kgs/pc


VEAL003 Veal Aust Kidney 250g/pc

VEAL004 Veal Aust Liver 1kg

VEAL009 Veal Aust Cheeks

VEAL020 Veal Osso Bucco Portion Aust 1.2kgs/pc

VEAL036 Veal Aust Boneless Tenderloin 1kg/pc

VEAL038 Veal Aust Backstrap/Loin Boneless 2kgs/pc

VEAL046 Veal Aust Sweetbread 500g/pc

VEAL059 Veal of Ribs Australian French 1.5kgs/pc


FISH005 Salmon Norwegian IGF 3.5kgs/pc

FISH007 Salmon Norwegian Chilled 3.5kgs/pc

FISH023 Rainbow Trout Frozen 210g/pc

FISH040 Salmon Nor Smoked Frozen Wholeside 1.2kg

FISH045 Salmon Norwegian Smoked Sliced 500g

FISH056 Cod Dried Salted Atlantic (Bacalhau) 1kg

FISH076 Black Cod (US) 3-4kgs/pc

FISH080 Cod Fillet Skin on Boneless

FISH367 Halibut Whole (Greenland) 25kgs/bx

SEAF001 Herring Matjes Fillet 2kg/pail

SEAF840 Rainbow Trout Smoked 125g/pack

SEAF843 Frozen Seafood Mixed 1kg/pack

SEAF845 Seabass Chilean Headless 2-4kg/pc

SHELL09 Scallos Jumbo Roe Off 2kgs/pack

SHELL21 Scallops U/10 2.4kgs/pack

SHELL42 Mussels Whole Shell Frozen

SHELL44 Mussels Meat Frozen 1kg/pack

SHELL54 Lobster Tail Frozen 1-10oz

SHELL102 Lobster Norwegian/Scampi Frozen 1kg/pack